Weeknotes #3 – 16th Jan 2020

I’m back to work for the new year, with a new office! I’ve moved into the coworking space at MADE, my friendly local co-operative hackspace, and so far it’s working out great. As well as providing all sorts of facilities for tinkering and making (I’ve been making progress on my BELA Pepper build and have […]


Marco is a slow, asynchronous communication system for to help maintain a connection with friends and loved ones who are far away. It’s a photo frame which sits in your friend’s home, and to which you can send a message (text, a photograph, a drawing, or some combination of these) at any time, via a […]

The Leaf Library – An Edge, An Ending

A generative video made for my friends The Leaf Library‘s track “An Edge, An Ending”, take from their EP “About Minerals“. The concept came from some experiments playing around with crystalline forms that grow and respond to sound. The way the crystal slowly evolves from the smooth shape at the start fits the progression of […]


#GOALS: Measurement, control and capitalist realism in mediated leisure. (This is a loosely-edited and tidied-up version of a talk I gave at Theorizing the Web 2019, as part of the “Good Hustle” panel session examining how “emerging workplace technologies impose modes of tracking, evaluating, and measuring that cut against workers’ autonomy and bargaining power”). The […]

Climatotherapy – Nozomu Matsumoto / Nile Koetting

Jakub, Henry and myself were asked by Tadeo Sendon of the London Music Hackspace to assist with the production of the Climatotherapy installation by Nozomu Matsumoto and Nile Koetting, shown at Somerset House as part of the Assembly festival in 2018: Climatotherapy is a performance installation developed from Nozomu Matsumoto’s recent release on The Death […]