Notes 9th – 12th Feb 2021

A few interesting bits and pieces from this week: Ritual as intimacy with objects I enjoyed this twitter thread from Sunny Moraine which captured a lot of how I think about ritual as a contemplative practice on a personal level, but also gave me some things to think about related to my project. More concretely, […]

Notas – 8/9 de Febrero 2021

Empezamos esta semana con una ‘Escuela de Primavera’ con todos los doctorandos del BAU, que fue un gran manera de empezar mis estudios – tanto como una manera de entrar en una rutina de estudiar y investigar, como una oportunidad para conectar con la comunidad de gente con las que trabajar√©. Un doctorado suele que […]

Notes – 4th Feb 2021

So, first, a few things that came out of my first meeting with Jaron and my colleague Imma who has also just started in the BAU doctoral programme. Imma’s project is on digital intimacies, and it looks like there’s potentially some interesting overlap here with my work. Jaron mentions Bataille’s The Accursed Share as a […]


With a whole pandemic between now and the last time I wrote weeknotes, there’s a lot going on that I haven’t shared here – most notably that I’ve begun a PhD in Design and Communication at BAU here in Barcelona, supervised by my friend Jaron Rowan. My topic is an expansion of the ideas on […]