Everything we had forgotten was indeed lost

(This is a fragment I had to cut from a forthcoming paper in Inmaterial, but which I rather liked, and which I felt put this project – which I never really considered to be a finished ‘work’ – in enough context that I felt happy sharing it. Therefore, I’m keeping it for posterity here). Since […]

Extrasensory Excess

Extrasesnsoy Excess / Excesos Extrasensoriales: Imagining inclusions with discarded data is a collaborative research and prototyping research I am in the progress of running for the Medios Sintientes programme at Medialab Matadero in Madrid. It is an investigation into the blind spots of the sensory systems of the city of Madrid, through its public open […]

The Situationists’ Walkman

Produced in collaboration with Matt Spendlove as part of our work for Cenatus on Creative xR audio research and development, funded by the Innovate UK Creative Industries Fund 2021, The Situationists Walkman is an audio-only augmented-reality experience – a site-specific interactive sound art exhibit involving 9 invited artists, that exists completely virtually – delivered entirely […]


Rhizome is a prototype virtual reality experience, produced as part of my work for Cenatus on Creative xR audio research and development, funded by the Innovate UK Creative Industries Fund 2021. Rhizome is an attempt to make visible and audible the hidden life of information networks, as well as to prompt reflection on the invisible […]

Assembly Now!

A collaboration with Sally Golding, Spatial, and Cenatus – Assembly Now [online] is a virtual experience of Sally & Spatial’s recent installation, which inaugurated Metro Arts’ Gallery One at West Village, as part of Brisbane Festival 2020, on view during September, 2020. Simulating and expanding the physical installation, participants in the online version are immersed […]


Marco is a slow, asynchronous communication system for to help maintain a connection with friends and loved ones who are far away. It’s a photo frame which sits in your friend’s home, and to which you can send a message (text, a photograph, a drawing, or some combination of these) at any time, via a […]

The Leaf Library – An Edge, An Ending

A generative video made for my friends The Leaf Library‘s track “An Edge, An Ending”, take from their EP “About Minerals“. The concept came from some experiments playing around with crystalline forms that grow and respond to sound. The way the crystal slowly evolves from the smooth shape at the start fits the progression of […]

Climatotherapy – Nozomu Matsumoto / Nile Koetting

Jakub, Henry and myself were asked by Tadeo Sendon of the London Music Hackspace to assist with the production of the Climatotherapy installation by Nozomu Matsumoto and Nile Koetting, shown at Somerset House as part of the Assembly festival in 2018: Climatotherapy is a performance installation developed from Nozomu Matsumoto’s recent release on The Death […]

Made By Machine: When AI Met The Archive

During my time at BBC R&D, Cassian Harrison, Controller of BBC Four, challenged us to produce a one-hour documentary programme, assembled from existing archive clips, entirely using machine learning techniques: This was an interesting exercise in testing the limits of computational creativity, and in the use of machine learning on media to educate a non-specialist […]

Alluvial Sharawadji

Alluvial Sharawadji was a crowdsourced interactive artwork/workshop by myself and my friend and collaborator Jakub Fiala for Eufonic festival 2018, combining collaborative field recording with low-cost, ubiquitous web technologies to communicate the experience of a local sound environment to audiences who are distant in both time and space. Drawing on Claude Shryer’s idea of ‘Sharawadji’ […]