I’m Tim.

I'm a first year PhD student in the Media Futures group at University College London, supervised by Emine Yilmaz, and John Dowell. I also work making digital things, and helping people make sense of numbers and data. I'm based in London, in the UK.

I have a sporadically updated blog which you might be interested in reading; you can also find me on Twitter and Github. Here is my GPG key, should you need it.


My research sits at the intersection of Information Retrieval, Human-Computer Interaction and Machine Learning; More specifically, I'm interested in developing tools and techniques that use passively gathered contextual information about users' computing activities in order to better support their information retrieval needs. You can read more about it on my blog.

Work with me!

I’ve a varied set of skills, with a background in software engineering, computer science, mathematics and statistics, as well as a bit of graphic, motion and interaction design.

If you need assistance with a software project, or need to analyse, visualise or gather quantitative data and research, I can almost certainly help. I’ve been working at the intersection of mathematics, technology and design for over eight years, and have been an independent contractor for the last two. While my PhD studies are taking up the bulk of my time, currently, I'm still potentially available for small, interesting projects.

If you work for a charity, public-sector or campaigning organization with a focus on sustainability, environment, equality, or social justice, please do get in touch, in particular. I’ve a strong preference for work that helps build the sort of future I’d like to see for our planet and society, and to that end I’m prepared to offer substantially discounted rates to any organizations working towards a similar vision!

You can look at my full CV, or just get in touch if you’re interested in hiring me.

Recent work

  • Designing and implementing tools and infrastructure for the BBC World Service in order to support the ingest of their archive into iPlayer.
  • A prototype, developed with BBC News Labs and Simiao Yu from Imperial College, exploring the use of EEG and eyetracking data to measure memory strength, in order to aid exploration of video archives.
  • Various data visualisation projects for the Cabinet Office and data.gov.uk - available to view on request.
  • Some more work for Polkaspots, exploring and visualising what data from their WiFi network can tell us about the life of the city of Derby.
  • A statistical dashboard for Polkaspots' small-business WiFi customers and local authorities, involving some pretty interesting data analysis, visualisation and mapping work.
  • BBC Research and Development's ongoing project to build a searchable, archive of every programme they've broadcast over the last six years.
  • A map visualising the effects of fire station closures in London, made in collaboration with the Open Data Institute.
  • Connect & Do, an online tool to help socially isolated people become more active in their local communities, made in collaboration with PAN Studio and Innovation Unit.
  • Property Detective, a web-based service for house-movers to find out more about their new neighbourhood, using the power of open data.