Tim Cowlishaw

Designer, Researcher, Technologist

Excesos Extrasensoriales (2022)

The logo for the Extrasensory Excess project. Concentric circles of found printed material (engravings, maps, diagrams, ledgers)

Extrasensory Excess / Excesos Extrasensoriales: Imagining inclusions with discarded data is a collaborative research and prototyping project I ran for the Medios Sintientes programme at Medialab Matadero in Madrid. It is an investigation into the blind spots of the sensory systems of the city of Madrid, through its public open data portal – investigating and critiquing its exclusions, and things left out. Taking this as a starting point, we speculated about and made concrete proposals for alternative worlds which are more just and inclusive of agencies both human and more-than-human. Through a participatory process of research and co-creation, we invented devices and probes that perceive the world in a more inclusive manner than existing systems, as well as offering a glimpse of the alternative worlds that this expanded perception might permit.

Further information is available (in English and Castellano) in the project proposal