Tim Cowlishaw

Designer, Researcher, Technologist

Creative projectsProyectos creativos

In Parallax (2023)

A woman wearing a VR headset, standing in a darkened space behind a translucent screen onto which are being projected green and red geometric shapes

Everything we had forgotten was indeed lost (2022)

A computer screensaver, showing a slideshow of images – holiday snaps, screenshots, memes, some of which have been corrupted with digital noise – odd pixels or lines of random colours criss-crossing them

Extrasensory Excess (2022)

The logo for the Extrasensory Excess project. Concentric circles of found printed material (engravings, maps, diagrams, ledgers)

The Situationists’ Walkman (2022)

An aerial view of London’s Arnold Circus, screenshot from apple maps. The buildings are all low-poly 3d models and it looks rather uncanny.

Rhizome (2021)

A screenshot of Rhizome – a grid of tree / lamp like structures, partially lit, on a green floor against a black background

Assembly Now! (2020)

A ghostly image of a pair of distorted screaming faces overlaid on a computer screen

Marco (2019)

Marco – an e-ink screen in a photo frame, on a shelf.

An Edge, An Ending (2019)

A computer generated abstract blue crystalline form on a whitish background

Climatotherapy (2018)

A gallery space with a blue rug, upon which are a series of objects, including an amazon alexa, a crystal globe, a pair of sports shoes, a bunch of fibre optics, a bluetooth speaker and a standing lamp

Made by Machine (2018)

A screenshot from the programme – a clip from a black and white documentary overlaid with graphics showing the objects identified in the scene by a machine learning algorithm

Alluvial Sharawadji (2018)

A google streetview screenshot of the Ebro Delta, a rural marshland. From left to right across the horizon, the image starts to blur and undulate, taking the form of a soundwave.

Singing with Machines (2018)

People sat around a table working on laptops, playing with smart speakers and generally looking busy and creative (Photo by Ric Leeson, © BBC 2018)

Public Service Personalised Radio (2018)

A montage of the the interface of our public service personalised radio app

Cards Against Television (2017)

A hand holding three brightly coloured playing cards in front of a TV screen – the cards say things like “A documentary” “About music” “less than half an hour”

The Secret Science of Pop (2017)

Two people, a man and a woman, sat at a desk in front of a big screen with graphics on, in a situation that generally gives the impression that DATA IS BEING ANALYSED. one of the people is me.